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Deco Bike Miami Beach
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Getting around Miami Beach just got a whole lot easier! The DECOBIKE City of Miami Beach Public Bicycle Rental and Sharing Program is the newest form of GREEN public transportation available to both residents & visitors.


It's time to get your BeachPASS!!  With a BeachPASS Monthly Membership, you get unlimited access to DECOBIKE via an online subscription using a credit card or checking account. The BeachPASS allows members to check out and return bikes to any of the 100 solar-powered DECOSTATIONS throughout the City, which operate 24/7. Membership is restricted to adults, ages 18 years and older. Click here to sign up!   


I want to ride DECOBIKE!!  Visitors and non-members can access the system with a major credit card. Simply approach any station, swipe your card and follow the instructions. It's that easy!  Use is restricted to adults only, ages 18+.


How our bicycle programs works

DECOBIKE Miami Beach uses independently operating solar-powered DECOSTATIONS that communicate via a wireless data network to the DECOBIKE Operations Center, 24 hours per day.

The DECOSTATIONS are modular and typically accommodate 8, 12 or 16 bikes. The stations are bright GREEN in color and connect with a horizontal docking rail making them easily identifiable throughout the City at approximately 100+ locations.

Members and users may check a DECOBIKE out from any station with bikes available and return to any station in the City with vacant docking space (i.e. a DECOBIKE parking space). Maps of station locations as well as inventory of individual DECOSTATIONS may be found live and in real time on our website and on our iPhone application.

Click here to see map & inventory
Click here to link for iPhone App

procedure to check out a deco bike

Approach any DECOBIKE Station with bikes available:

Swipe your BeachPASS, Credit Card or Check Card into the card reader

Follow instructions on the screen and take your Transaction Receipt when prompted

Retrieve the selected or assigned bike number from the Station


procedure to return a deco bike

Approach any DECOSTATION with a vacant docking/parking slots:

 Insert the bike's front probe into the vacant docking slot firmly & it is automatiically returned into the system

 Be sure corresponding Status Indicator light glows a steady GREEN and simply pull back on the bike's handle bars to confirm lock has engaged the bike in place

 Bike is then securely locked and will be available to the next user.


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